Data Conversion

Take the frustration out of your QuickBooks
data conversion, and let us take care of it.

Generally, there is no easy way to convert from one software to another.  As we have done thousands of conversions, we have developed a proven system.

Data Conversion Services

  • Assess the current system and workflows that will also be needed in QuickBooks.
  • Get an understanding of what needs to be converted – Historical data, lists only, reports, invoice, sales order, purchase order and other templates, inventory lists and any other data that needs importing.
  • Using various import/export tools bring in the data into the proper place in QuickBooks.
  • Provide a quality check of all imported data to ensure it came over correctly.
  • Work with you to design the system around your needs.
  • Provide training for all users.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance in the form of support and training.

Because of our experience, we can know the pitfalls that can usually occur on any data conversion.  We plan out ahead the order of the data imports as well as spend time cleaning up the data to ensure it will import correctly.  In many cases, some old data can be cleaned up or deleted before being imported into QuickBooks.

We also can assess the need for any 3rd party application that might be needed to add the functionality that may be missing in QuickBooks that was used in the prior system.