File Review for QuickBooks

Get an in-depth look into the
health of your QuickBooks file.

Before getting started on any bookkeeping work or if needed, we perform a QuickBooks File Review. A file review will consist of, but will not be limited to, the following:

File Review for QuickBooks Services

  • Review of the chart of accounts to ensure the correct accounts are being used to effectively record activity in accounts that make sense.
  • Review placement of the accounts. Is gross margin accurately reflected? Are sales and marketing accounts or administrative accounts grouped correctly? On the balance sheet, is current and long-term assets and liabilities correctly stated?
  • We are looking for incorrect balances in your current financial statements. Negative amounts that should be positive, accounts that don’t change balances from year to year, large balances in accounts that should not have them, misclassified revenue and expenses, improper use of Items, negative inventory, negative receivables, large amounts in undeposited funds, receivable balances that incorrect.
  • We will look at profit and loss trends over time – months, quarters and years to identify incorrectly classified expenses or missing expenses.
  • We will review the file size, the database fragments and whether you are on the correct version on QuickBooks.
  • We will look to see if all appropriate features needed are turned on and utilized.
  • A review of users and their permissions will be done.
  • Reviewing various templates to ensure they are set up correctly with proper info, logos and any other info needed.
  • Review of open sales order and open purchase orders.