Setup for QuickBooks

Get your QuickBooks file set up
correctly from the start.

Setting up QuickBooks properly from the start is crucial to have a proper system for entering data and more importantly reporting to help manage and steer the company.  We will do an initial assessment of the company procedures to ensure a proper setup of QuickBooks.  

Setup for QuickBooks Services

  • Having a proper chart of accounts.
  • Turning on features such as classes to segregate your profit and loss by department, function, program or other determined categories.
  • Setting up user permissions to allow users the proper permission to do what they need without having to worry about them seeing sensitive data.
  • Creating custom reports inside QuickBooks.
  • Setting up double-sided items to properly reflect sales and cost of products and services. 

There are many setup parameters to go through to enable a proper system for both reviewing history as well as projecting forward.  We can help set up QuickBooks properly from the start.